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Curation of Cultural Materials

Hudson Valley Cultural Resource Consultants, Ltd.

Hudson Valley Cultural Resource Consultants (HVCRC) offers a range of archaeological and historic preservation services. With more than 40 years of combined experience HVCRC Principals have guided engineering, environmental and planning firms as well as not-for-profit, government and private clients through all phases of the cultural resource management process. HVCRC is a fully insured company, carrying Professional Liability, General Liability, Excess Liability (Errors & Omissions), Workman’s Compensation and Disability Insurance Policies. HVCRC is a NYS Certified Women’s Owned Business Enterprise (WBE).

HVCRC is committed to responding to client needs at every phase of the project and are dedicated to completing all projects on a reliable and timely schedule. We guide our clients through the national and state level historic preservation process, providing assistance through each phase of cultural resource compliance.

HVCRC employs a highly qualified team of archaeologists who meet the standards set by the Secretary of the Interior. We collaborate with environmental scientists, geologists, mine experts, paleo-botanists, geomorphologists, forensic anthropologists, osteologists and artifact analysts. We consistently provide project sponsors with a multi-disciplinary group of highly qualified, efficient and experienced professionals.

The HVCRC Principal is a member of the New York Archaeological Council (NYAC) Executive Board, New York State Archaeological Association (NYSAA) and Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA). These groups provide oversight for all cultural resource management conducted in New York State and within the northeastern United States.

HVCRC Principals

Beth Selig

Beth is a Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA) and a member of the Executive Board of the New York Archaeological Council. She has worked in the field of Cultural Resource Management for 18 years, completing all phases of archaeological investigations including assessment of historic properties. She serves as the Project Manager and Principal Investigator for all HVCRC projects. In addition, she is responsible for all post excavation processing, which includes artifact processing and analysis, CAD mapping, and the development of reports for all projects.

Beth has a Master’s in Liberal Studies from Empire State University, where her research focused on 19th century cultural contexts. She received her undergraduate degree in Anthropology from the University at Albany.

HVCRC Professional and Academic Affiliations

  • Archaeological Conservancy
  • Dutchess Community College
  • New York State Archaeological Association
  • New York Archaeological Council
  • Register of Professional Archaeologist
  • Society for Historical Archaeology