About Hudson Cultural Services

Hudson Cultural Services (HCS) formerly, Hudson Valley Cultural Resource Consultants (HCS) is a fully qualified Cultural Resource Management firm located in the Hudson River Valley in New York State. The professionals at HCS meet the Secretary of the Interiors standards (36CFR Part 61) in the fields of history, archaeology and historic preservation. HCS guides engineering, environmental and planning firms as well as private and not-for-profit clients through the cultural resource management process. HCS is a New York State Certified Women’s Owned Business Enterprise (WBE).

HCS has completed more than 250 cultural resource surveys within the Hudson Valley, with more than six hundred completed within the northeastern United States. HCS’s Principal Investigator is a board member with the New York State Archaeological Council, a Registered Professional Archaeologist, and has been approved by State Historic Preservation offices to complete surveys within the northeastern United States.

Beth Selig

President, Principal Investigator

Beth Selig has worked in the field of Cultural Resource Management for twenty-five years. Her research has focused on nineteenth century cultural contexts with a particular focus on the immigrant working class and the Hudson Valley Region. Mrs. Selig has received degrees in Anthropology, Liberal Studies and Historic Preservation. She is a Member of the NYAC executive board, and the Society of American Archaeology. Mrs. Selig meets the Secretary of the Interior’s Qualifications Standards as a professional archaeologist, historian and historic preservation (Architectural History).